Newsletter: Federal electoral system reform and its impact on Canadian federalism

The election of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in October 2015 has led to renewed debate about reforming the voting system used to elect members to the House of Commons.more

Newsletter: The end of Yes and No in Québec? A declining divide

As of 1970, with the birth of the Parti québécois and its success at the polls, Québec politics were shaped by a striking cleavage between those who were for Québec independence, and those who were against it.more

Newsletter: The Six Tasks of the New Prime Minister on the Federalism

Federalism has been almost completely absent from the current federal election campaign. Yet, the management of the Canadian federation is a crucial issue that has far-reaching consequences for Canadians. more

Elementary and Secondary Schooling in Canada’s Federation

In Canada, like virtually all federations, the responsibility for elementary and secondary education falls to the provinces. And, through gradual devolution over the past few decades, the territories have gained greater autonomy such that now they have power over education akin to the provinces.more

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«No one could appreciate more than I the advantages of the federative system. I see in it one of the most powerful combinations in favour of human prosperity and liberty.»

- Alexis de Tocqueville.